Friday, 14 June 2013

Yoga and Massage offer

Yoga and Massage offer:

Are you making the most of all the Breath of Life Clinic has to offer?

In order to get a full understanding and first hand experience of as much as possible of what the Breath of Life offers, we would like to offer you a voucher to buy as the perfect gift to someone or yourself; a voucher for two introductory yoga sessions and an hours rejuvenating massage treatment. 

This voucher is the perfect natural ‘pick me up’ honoring where our energy actually comes from…

In the city we are lead to believe that we can ‘gain energy’ from the likes of Red Bull, expensive coffee, ‘energy bars’ and many more gismos that ‘give us energy’.  With all of this advertising it is no wonder that we believe that energy is something we can ‘get’ by putting our hand in our pocket, paying for and then simply ingesting. 

Unfortunately its not that simple and this erroneous belief is leading us down a dangerous path of exhausting our adrenals to the point of no return. 

In Chinese Medicine it is understood that we are born with a certain amount of essential ‘energy’ (Heavenly Qi) and this amount varies for everyone, however, on top of this we also have ‘earned’ energy (Post Heavenly Qi) which is what we want to be using in order to fuel our daily lives so we don’t need to dip into that precious store of finite energy we were born with.  We have forgotten this very important fact in the West and do very little to make more energy naturally. 

When we drink coffee for example on a regular, consistent basis all we are doing is stimulating our bodies so that we ‘function’, however, by overriding our bodies voice which is saying ‘I am exhausted please let me rest’ we are forcing our bodies to tap into this precious finite energy source.  This is a vicious cycle as we all know and leaves us far more exhausted and strung out than before…

We have to give ourselves time to restore this ‘earned’ source of natural energy so that we don’t deplete ourselves too much which undoubtedly leads to disease.  In order to replenish this kind of energy we have to have a balance of work and rest, be eating a plant based diet with lots of nutrients and as little processed food as possible, laugh as much as we can, surround ourselves with those we love and develop energy enhancing practices such as Yoga and regular massages.

So today instead of making elaborate plans to give up coffee, take a gentle approach and see that your energy will really come from developing an energizing yoga practice and indulging in a massage from time to time to give your body the opportunity to repair and restore naturally

Our package is two yoga classes at the Breath of Life and a rejuvenating massage treatment with Philly for a total of £85

To book please call Natasha at the Breath of Life Clinic on: 02074863373

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