Friday, 14 December 2012

Timeless Meditation

No-time alignment

Sending back all energy that belongs to other time co-ordinates.

Visualise a horizontal line spreading out to the left and right and the left represents all your past and the right all your future.  The centre holds the present moment, and golden sun rest there.

Imagine that you breathe onto the central sun to split it in two, then see these roll to the left and right.  As they do so affirm that all vibrations that are currently in the 'present' moment that belong to the past or the future are being dropped off to their correct time co-ordinates by the two suns.  Visualise these vibrations perhaps falling out of the rotating suns like sparks of light.  At some point the two suns will naturally stop, and then begin rotating back to the centre.

As they roll back affrim you are retrieving any and all vibrations in the past and future that rightly belongs to the present moment.  The suns meet again in the midline and sense your increased awareness and stability in the present moment, feeling freer of past and future events and projections.

Affirm the following
'The past never was.  The future will never be.  I am totally in the present moment, which is more than it seems'

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