Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What is seen as 'the end' of a retreat is the start of new beginnings

"I wish you a very good journey to an unknown you've never seen"
Pieter V Admiraal

Viv was the lucky winner of our ‘tis the season for giving’ festive prize.  We’re so happy to see that the retreat has excelled her to become a children’s Kundalini Yoga Teacher, read her inspiring story below.

“Breath of Life Clinic gave me the beautiful gift of receiving a free retreat this June 2012 which introduced me to the mother of all yoga’s - Kundalini. It resonated with me on all aspects of my life. 

Martha Chester, the retreat yoga teacher, is the most inspiring teachers and couldn’t of been more perfect to introduce me to the practice and inspire me to go deeper.

My free gift to the retreat has opened my heart, changed my ambitions in life completely and needless to say, changed my life.  It is the gift of a tool to open one's heart and heal oneself and possibly/hopefully the others around you.  It has been the most beautiful and enchanting experiences of my life.

I shall be forever grateful to Breath of Life Clinic for bring this wonderful practice into my life in the most compassionate way.

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