Friday, 31 January 2014

Martha's Spring Clean Advice

Spring Clean

As most of you know, I am 5 months pregnant so moving into January has been a different approach for me this year.  Normally I would throw myself into a 40 day 'Mono Diet' or eagerly start the 'Green Diet' to facilitate a new year 'reset' on both a physical and emotional level. But, alas, this year I can not do any of these deep body cleanses right now, so I have had to find other inspirations to kick start my new year's regime. I have found comfort in cleaning my life!  House work, sorting through cupboards, going through all my cloths.... exciting as this may sound, its has been hugely satisfying.  I have an ongoing list of things that I never get around to doing... you know the one..... sorting out the old box of photos, mending that broken object that you love so much instead of throwing it away. Reorganising your computer, selling a load of stuff on ebay.  Well,  I have finally done some of these things! Wahe Guru! and I'm very proud of my achievements. 

It has reminded me, however, of many Januaries where I have been on a deep cleanse.  Hard as I may find these eating regimes at the time, it never ceases to amaze me how great I feel when I do them. Not to forget other peoples fascination with ' what I can't eat!' when I am on them!  So for those of you who are interested in trying one out I  can throughly recommend it.  Obviously 40 days is quite a long time to commit, but why not start off with a few days or a week instead? You will still get many benefits from this.  Often we find many reasons that we 'can't do' something.  The speed of our old friend the negative mind kicks in.....  "a big party..... a trip away..... a loved one's birthday.... " etc.  Whatever your reasons, I can honestly say that I have been through all the scenarios on a fast of some sort and it has in no way diminished the enjoyment I get from attending the event.  It sure is a great conversation starter as I reach into my bag and pull out some tupperware holding my dinner for the evening!  The satisfaction you feel once you have completed it, however long your program, you set a goal and you reached it.  Nothing can buy that feeling. 

This can been the start of a spring clean that we can all do however big or small. We clear the ground for new inspiration, new energy and eventually new life to come your way. It will always be a prosperous way to start the year.

Sat nam, 

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